Poor, bad combo on a possible girlfriend. If she doesn’t hack, then possibly.

Poor, bad combo on a possible girlfriend. If she doesn’t hack, then possibly.

And please don’t obtain anybody’s judgement. you and them are special individuals. We merely provide all of our opinions or assistance which you can pick classes from or jettison if you don’t love them. Really don’t enjoy life based on folk’s perspectives normally.

Only figured I will throw that in.

You were called by her a Pussaylover and demonstrated their grounds for calling you that, we was adamant that just what she told you wasn’t her reason for calling you that, whereas you might have accepted in the history you are a Pussaylover.

SMH! We speculate the way you as soon as begged their to set about the hint that sent her towards a wondering condition of considering just how eager Nigerian men are for pussay.

Please step out of this place and go collect one thing accomplishing.

I really don’t like things that are judging hearing from both area.

Very OP simply deliver myself her WhatsApp number to make sure that I am able to hear their side that is own of story.Please feel fast about this.

It is going to allow me to giv yo u a sound information

Firstly all u are a definite G that is real these olofofo’s we certainly have in Nigeria today who whom absolutely love has consumed deeply within their head and so they become subject to their unique girl like puppets,

So great u remain to ur soil this time around, really don’t offer area compared to that attitude that is nonchalant even scripture said it ..”women be slavish to ur husband” Show her de other side of yo u ..till she comes lower from their large horse.. […]